Welcome to Anchor Thy Soul

No matter where you live in the world, life can be difficult..

Everywhere we turn there is murder, hatred, and strife..

I unplug the television, and don’t follow the news.. but nothing will make it go away..

Mankind has rejected the golden rule “do unto others” and accepted  “do as you will”

The peacemakers walked the ancient earth, trying to make a better way.. They were surrounded by followers who believed, and still faced angry mobs.. Eventually their preaching of peace lead to their death.

I searched world religions, and I have found mine.. Jesus offered me something no other can promise.. Everlasting life in a new world where there will be no more sorrow.. Sure, I have to patiently wait, with rules I must follow. Love the Lord thy God with all my heart,  with all my soul, with all my mind, and love my neighbor as myself..

No rituals, or striving to sort out a thousand gods, just one God I can worship for who He is, and share my troubles with.. A God who loved us so much he gave His own life.. He loves me enough to listen intently, and offer peace along the way..  Where would I find another like Him? I never could…

Here at Anchor thy Soul, I share and re-blog inspiration, among the waves of life.